Stimulation Centre for Children and Young Adults with Severe Disabilities

Volunteer professionals, such as Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists and Teachers also assist Pathways staff members with advice and practical guidance in designing appropriate stimulation and therapeutic programs for each child.

Hi Friends of Pathways Roodepoort

At our Centre we provide our children with carefully planned opportunities to reach their highest potential. It is extremely exciting to witness their progress and share with them their experience of joy through interaction! Each child receives one-on-one attention through the implementation of the unique, holistic program we create around their special needs.

Pathways Roodepoort is a stimulation centre for children and young adults with severe mental and physical disabilities. It is a non-profit organization operating in Roodepoort that provides special needs children with love, care, therapy and stimulation.

Pathways Roodepoort was established in 2005 because there is a severe shortage of facilities that provide care and stimulation to children with severe disabilities. We rely on fundraising, sponsorship and donations to sustain the centre. A dedicated group of families, staff, volunteers, friends and supporters climb mountains to keep the centre thriving.

Motivation, Vision, Mission & Values

Children who are afflicted with severe mental and physical impairments abound in all communities. They are however seldom catered for by schooling institutes or special care units and therefore become neglected and deprived of the care and stimulation that they require. Believing that these unique individuals cannot progress and learn, cannot be further from the truth and it’s for this reason that in Roodepoort, parents of children with special needs have formed Pathways Roodepoort, which is a stimulation centre for children with severe mental and physical impairments.


Circle Time

Each day starts with a morning ring which includes greeting songs, days of the week, weather, letters, numbers and theme introductions.

Arts and Crafts

The children engage in plenty of art and craft activities like painting, drawing, pasting and baking.

Computer Time

We use Ipads and switch adapted computers to promote the understanding of cause and effect and develop literacy, numeracy skills, visual, auditory skills, as well as plenty of fun.

Swimming Therapy.

We have our own outdoor heated swimming, which is used as much as possible for therapy and recreation when the weather permits.

Our Daily Programme

Upcoming Events