Children who are afflicted with severe mental and physical impairments abound in all communities. They are however seldom catered for by schooling institutes or special care units and therefore become neglected and deprived of the care and stimulation that they require. Believing that these unique individuals cannot progress and learn, cannot be further from the truth and it’s for this reason that in Roodepoort, parents of children with special needs have formed Pathways Roodepoort, which is a stimulation centre for children with severe mental and physical impairments.

Pathways Roodepoort is a non profit organization which officially opened in February 2005 and is currently renting a house in Horizon. Pathways caters for children suffering a variety of serious conditions such as severe brain damage (cerebral Palsy), Chromosome disorders, Development Delay, Autism and Self Injurious Behaviour.

Not only is Pathways Roodepoort a facility which provides a schooling environment specially geared for children with severe disabilities, but it is also a training facility for trainee carers who are taught under the guidance of the Pathways Roodepoort principal, as well as the Physiotherapist, the appropriate stimulation for children with serious disabilities. The training program covers all aspects of handling and working with the children and once the trainees have gained the necessary grounding they are considered for permanent employment to grow the Pathways staff compliment.

Volunteer professionals, such as speech therapists, Physiotherapists and Teachers also assist Pathways staff members with advise and practical guidance in designing appropriate stimulation and therapeutic programs for each child.

Pathways aims to expand and extend it services in order to accommodate all children in our community, as well as provide a life long place of stimulation, pleasure and opportunity.


To be a world class facility offering quality and effective stimulation, enabling learners with severe impairments to reach their highest potential.


To engage children with severe mental and physical impairments in carefully designed programs specifically geared to raising their level of functionality and enjoyment in life.


  • Compassion and Patience
  • Love and Respect
  • Professionalism and Dedication
  • Excellence through Expertise
  • Creativity and Innovation


To provide a stable environment for the children where they are treated with love and respect so that they are continually reaching for their highest potential. Expertise of teachers and therapists to be harnessed in designing programs to suit each individual child.

Provide a support system for parents where they can share information and gain support from others in a similar situation.

Provide training for our staff in our quest to provide the children with the best quality stimulation.

To continually remain abreast of the latest trends and studies regarding the education and stimulation of children with severe impairments.

Growth & development of the Centre.