Fees and Payment 2018

  • School Fees
  • Full Day Fees
    6am – 5.30pm
  • Transport Fees – Single
  • Transport Fees - Double

  • R4004-00 x 12
  • R4672-80 x 12
  • R550-00 x 12
  • R1100-00 x 12

Quarterly x 4 terms
  • R12 012-00 x 4
  • R14 018.40 x 4
  • R1650-00 x 4
  • R3 300-00 x 4

Annum - 5% discount
  • R45 645.60
  • R53 269.92
  • R 6 600-00 (Disc N/A)
  • R13 200-00 (Disc N/A)

Centre Fees and Aftercare Fees

This agreement is binding and cancellation is subject to the standard conditions set out hereunder. All centre fees and transport fees are payable in advance and are payable as usual during the child’s absence, due to illness or if away on holiday over a 12 month period. Notification of any changes from half day to full day must be given in writing. The parent undertakes to confirm attendance and the details thereof not later than 1 November of each year. Should this not be done it will be deemed that attendance remain unchanged for the following year and the parent will be liable for all costs in this regard. Any default will result in the child being refused access to the premises. This will however not affect the claim from Pathways Roodepoort for the outstanding amount and the parent will be fully liable and responsible for all amounts. Centre fees are payable notwithstanding attendance in any way whatsoever as the expenditure for Pathways are calculated on an annual basis. Any default may result in the entire amount becoming owing immediately without any additional notice. The centre reserves the right to refuse access to the centre should the payments not be adhered to. The onus is on you, the parents/guardian to ensure that payments are made on time

Transport Fees

Transport Fees are payable over a 12 month period. It is compulsory to sign a debit order form for the collection of fees. The provision of the transport service depends on availability, location of residence and bus route.


Therapy accounts must be settled in cash by parents and it is the responsibility of the parent to submit invoices to their medical aid schemes. The parent will remain solely responsible for all such or related costs whether it is honoured or accepted by the medical aid or not.

Occupational Therapy

Onsite private occupational therapy is available, accounts will be submitted by the therapist to the medical aid.

Speech Therapy

Onsite private speech therapy is available, accounts will be submitted by the therapist to the medical aid.

OT and AAC Specialist

Onsite private AAC Specialist, Amy Anderson is available for therapy.

Any other person entering the premises on behalf of the parents will be done by prior written authorisation for such person by the
centre manager. In such event all such person(s) will have to adhere to all the rules, regulations and determinations of Pathways at all
times. Such person(s) will not be deemed an employee of Pathways in any way whatsoever. The parents must ensure that there is a
written agreement between themselves and said person and the parents must ensure such person(s) against any eventuality and
maintain such insurance for the duration of the person(s) presence on the premises of Pathways.


Outings will be charged as per outing and when they occur.

Late collections Fees

School ends at 1.30 pm
Aftercare ends at 5.30pm, late collections will be charged R100 per 15 minutes late.

Banking Details

Bank:                             ABSA

Account name:            Pathways Roodepoort

Account type:              Cheque

Account number:        4059745332

Branch:                        Florida

Branch Code:              630341

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Pathways Roodepoort Enrolment Contract


Debit Order School and Transport fees


Indemnity Document


Medical Information


Pathways Banking Details


Myschool application form


Permission letter for photographs


Shopping List


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