Please note that no person in his/her private capacity or any entity/organisation is allowed to use the Pathways Roodepoort name, logo and NPO Number in any form for any type of fundraising or monetary gain.

This includes all platforms eg. social media, print media, events, raffels and tin collections.

If the above is breached the necessary action will be taken agains individuals and/or organisations.

About us

Pathways Roodepoort is a centre started by and “managed” by parents with a common need for a severely mentally disabled family member since 2005.

It is a place where parents and children with a similar need can meet, attend a basic programme of stimulation to reach for their highest potential. Pathways Roodepoort can never replace any medial expertise for example: Pediatric Neurologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and any other professional service that is required for the well being of the individual.

Due to the individual attention that each child requires we follow a daily programme that allows and enables our special need facilitators to attend to all the children and young adults in the class.